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Welcome to McIntosh County Treasurer's Office

Hello and welcome!  This website is for the convenience of our tax payers but never meant to replace the personal service you can always receive through our office.  Please call or email any time you feel we can help.  Thank you for allowing me to serve as your County Treasurer.


While the Treasurer's office makes every effort to ensure the correctness, any error contained herein does not constitute a waiver of any tax amounts by or for the County Treasurer's office or the Taxpayer.

 Welcome to the McIntosh County Treasurer's Office!

Important dates to remember with respect to ad valorem taxes are: At least the first half of each year's ad valorem tax must be paid by the Oklahoma Statutory date of December 31. If the first half is paid by December 31, the second half must be paid no later than March 31 of the given year. Failure to pay at least one-half by December 31 will result in interest charges of 1.5% beginning on January 1 of the given year and continuing each month until the entire amount is paid. No second-half payments are permitted unless the first half is paid by December 31. The filing for homestead exemption and any other exemption for ad valorem tax is filed with the County Assessor. 

Tax payments may be made by mail, in office, on line with credit card.  Any payment must be in our office by the due date to avoid penalty charges.  

          All delinquent taxes must be paid at the same time

  The McIntosh County Deputy Treasurers:

First Deputy: Cathy Stoy

Deputies: Deyron Igney,  Kimberly Smelser, Christi Williams

Tax Warrants: Arlinda Upton

Tax Warrants Deputy: Bill Rose