Washington County Treasurer
Melissa Thornbrugh

Location: 400 S Johnstone Rm 200 Bartlesville, OK 74003
Phone: 918-337-2810
Fax: 918-337-2891
Email: treasurer@countycourthouse.org

Office Hours : 
Monday - Friday
08:00 AM - 05:00 PM


The Washington County Assessor’s Office determines property values and exemptions. If you have any questions concerning these matters please contact them at (918)337-2830.

 Paying Taxes:

 Taxes can be paid in two installments, 1st half by December 31st and the 2nd half by March 31st, the top portion of your statement can be retained for your records.  If you enclose a self addressed stamped envelope we would be happy to mail your receipt of payment.

 Mortgage Escrow Accounts:

 If you have an escrow account (taxes and insurance are included in your mortgage payment) you SHOULD NOT receive a real estate tax notice from our office. If you do receive a notice DO NOT PAY IT, forward it to your mortgage company immediately.

 Office Responsibilities:

  The Treasurer receives the annual Tax Roll and Abstract from the Assessor, then prepares and mails tax notices to the property owners or mortgage companies. Address and ownership information is received from said Tax Roll. The Treasurer is responsible for collecting all Ad Valorem taxes. Delinquent personal property will be issued a Personal Tax Warrant.  Delinquent Real Estates and Special Assessments will have a lien placed on the property which, if not paid in full, will result in the property being sold.

 All revenues received by Washington County from Ad Valorem taxes and other sources are deposited with the Treasurer and disbursed to the appropriate taxing entities. All county records and financial statements are inspected by The State Auditor and Inspector.

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